Saturday, June 25, 2011

I've been away....

Sorry about that guys. Life has gone hectic once agian. I quit my job and moved into an apartment with my boyfriend. Taking summer classes and struggling to make some money in this crazy world.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"My Morning Coffee"

            Beep, beep, beep. The alarm screams at me. It is way too early to be up on a Friday for me. I roll out of the safety of my warm blankets and my bare feet hit the freezing cold tile. I instantly head to the coffee pot. The container lid comes off easily in my hands and instantly the deep smell of coffee fills my nose. I get the water from the sink in my bathroom. The cold water rolls down the sides of the pot and drops unexpectedly on my feet. I pour the grounds into the filter and wait.
            The room begins to smell of coffee. I hear the cleaning ladies in the hallway chattering and preparing for their day. Somewhere down the hall a toilet flushes. I hear a door slam shut. I look over at my coffee pot and see that the coffee is ready. I pour the first cup of the day and doctor it with half and half. I watch as the deep dark coffee swirls with the milk white half and half making a lovely creamy caramel color. The mug is warm in my hands. The warmth reminds me of my warm bed and how safe I feel there. I take the first sip. The bold flavor of Colombian coffee fills my mouth. Today is going to be a good day.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Delta Gamma... How do I love thee...

So at the beginning of this semester I decided to rush... Rush as in get beautiful and meet all the sororities at my campus to see if i could find some where- anywhere actually- that i truly belonged. I got half way thru the fantastic experience that is Rush and then disaster strikes! My poor defenseless laptop takes a tumble and my hard drive is lost forever.... I drop Rush because financially this move has devastated me... I drop after I have completed sister hood night. After i have met and fallen in love with a sorority. Needless to say.... I'm crushed.

Bid day rolls around and i watch as girls straggle into the dorms. They have their new bid day shirts on and their doors begin to get decorated. I am sad. Why oh why did my laptop have to betray the way it had??? Then wonder of wonders I get an email form the President of Delta Gamma!! They liked me- really really liked me- and want to know if i am still interested. OF COURSE. But wait.... money problems sit in the back of my mind and i tell myself. We will make this work!! DG is were i belong!! I scramble to work out my money issues. Maybe if i work more shifts and stop blowing my money like a child with bubbles i could do it!

I hang out with the girls just once at an intramural flag football game... They are so unique and utterly fantastic! I pray that i can become a part of them. Maybe a week later on a Thursday i am eating with my Best Friend and i get a phone call. It's the Delta Gammas and they offer me a bid.... I'm not gonna lie. I did a happy dance right there in the cafeteria.... OF COURSE i excepted the bid.

New Member meetings start.... So much new information is thrown at me. I am excited. I get like 30 something friend requests on Facebook! I have Sisters popping up in classes that i didn't realize were even there. I wear my Letters and feel proud... oh so proud. I now have a history, a heritage, and a family! I love my new Sisters!!!

Big/Lil revealement week starts. My first day of presents obviously has a Memphis Tigers them! Everything is utterly amazing!! I love all my surprises and can't wait to discover who my Big is!!! Life is so great when you are a DELTA GAMMA!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Musical Weekend!!

So this was probably the most awesome weekend (musically) ever!! I paid $20 dollars a piece and traveled 4 hours to get to one of the concerts.... but it was all worth it!

My first concert was at 7 pm at Minglewood Hall in Memphis on Saturday. We (my Best Friend went along with me) pull up and there is a line way down the block. We get pumped up as we wait in line and snap pictures. Get to the door and the mark our hands with big bold Xs. We scurry in and head straight for the stage. The first band has just finished so we didnt get to hear them. In fact I cant even remember their name! Then Down With Webster comes on... Holy shit they rock!!! Me and HB are standing up against the barrier on the left side of stage and everybody is screaming and jumping and having a kick ass time. They finish their set and as the next band is setting up we start "pushing" our way to the center front. We make it pretty darn close to... Like three people from the barrier. So Hello Goodbye comes and they do a pretty good job of getting us pumped up.... And then the reason we are there shows up 3oh!3... OMG!! Sean and Nat are dancing around the stage like crazy people. Singing and crooning to the fans in the audience. They are true artists. The kind that even live they sound FANTASTIC!!! And they are true performers. Dancing, singing, and engaging the audience to the fullest!! We are exhausted but excited. We start our 4 hour trec home!

The second concert i went to this weekend was at 1:30 pm in Nashville on Sunday. This time i took my little sister who had never been to a concert before. We get to Nashville and head to the event. Once again the line is way down the block and for a moment a feel a sense of distress. Am i gonna get close enough to shoot video??? Me and Sis finally get in and push our way across the venue to the left side. We get right up against the VIP fence and i cackle to myself! Once again i have defied the laws of nature and made it to the front of the freaking herd! I look down into the VIP lounge and think  "These idiots paid $300 to sit there! And i paid $20 and we have the same view!! Bahaha" Then the music begins... OMG! Laura Bell Bundy, Heidi Newfield, Luke Brian, Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert, and countless more jam out for 6 hours of soul-touching country music. Needless to say my musical weekend rocked!!!

And then I got a $152 dollar speeding ticket... oh the joys of life :D

Friday, October 15, 2010

An Introduction....

Hello all!

I recently moved from a teeny tiny town in Middle Tn to the massive and vastly different city of Memphis Tn. I left my happy life of tractor pulls, cute redneck drawls, and drinking beer around a bonfire for this. Yes, I realize "What the HELL was I thinking!" But memphis isn't all bad. I discovered that I love that this city never sleeps and at 4 am I can go out and get groceries if need be... I also descovered who I am...

I come from a long line of racist assholes. That loathe and make fun of anybody and everybody that is in anyway different from them. I was never like this but when you live with a group of people for almost 17 years it kinda rubs off on you. So when i came to Memphis i was prepared to be a racist asshole cause I thought that's what Memphians would expect from a little white girl from BFE.

So.... I was wrong. The first friends i made were three black girls that still to this day rock my world! I love them to death and they made me realize that my family is stuck believing in a stereotype. My black friends don't rob banks, do drugs, or get into cat fights. My girls are fun and determined to get an education so they can get out of Memphis! I am so proud of them.

The other thing i discovered is my deep love for gay people! I have met and fallen in love with so many gay people since i moved to Memphis. They are fantastic and make me realize maybe i should learn how to have their outlook on life. My gay friends mean the world to me because they don't judge me and they would never ever hurt me. My family doesn't get this. They think that just because i have gay friends whom i love i must be trying to tell them something. I'm not gay.... get over it already. I can't help it that i have learned to love and support everyone because i have no right to judge. That's all for now :D